OnePlus One (bacon)

About the OnePlus One with Ubuntu Touch

Elegant and powerful

You wish to be independent from Google and Apple, but don't want to quit on awesome modern hardware? You want to re-claim control over your smartphone and still enjoy a slick user experience? It's time for you to install Ubuntu Touch on your OnePlus One!

Porting Ubuntu Touch to the Oneplus One was the first collaborative project for the UBports Community in 2015, and is one of the most popular Ubuntu Touch devices to this day. The device was chosen because of its open software stack and active development community.

The Oneplus One is among the most powerful UBports devices, and with the free and open-source mobile operating system Ubuntu Touch, it is a great alternative to Cyanogen Mod, LineageOS and Android.

Install Ubuntu Touch on the OnePlus One
With the UBports Installer, you can get Ubuntu Touch on your OnePlus One without breaking a sweat. You can use any Linux, Windows, or macOS computer to run the installer. Simply plug in your device and follow the on-screen instructions, then sit back and let the computer do all the work for you.
ChannelRelease Date
16.04/develMar 28 2020
16.04/edgeMar 28 2020
16.04/rcMar 25 2020
16.04/stableOct 23 2019
Buy a OnePlus One
You might be able to find new second-hand devices on swappa, ebay, or other websites. Shop at at your own risk!