Device codenames

Sometimes you might notice that devices are referenced with a different name than the commercial name. We use device codenames for testing and development purposes. If you need to know your device codename or you want to know which device has a given codename you can check the table below.

FP2Fairphone 2device-link-icon
FP3Fairphone 3device-link-icon
X00TDAsus Zenfone Max Pro M1device-link-icon
X605Lenovo Tab M10 X605F/Ldevice-link-icon
Z00AAsus Zenfone 2 ZE551MLdevice-link-icon
anglerGoogle Nexus 6Pdevice-link-icon
araleMeizu MX4device-link-icon
axolotlSHIFT6mq (axolotl)device-link-icon
baconOneplus Onedevice-link-icon
begoniaXiaomi Redmi Note 8 Prodevice-link-icon
berylliumXiaomi Poco F1device-link-icon
cancroXiaomi 4device-link-icon
cheeseburgerOneplus 5 and 5Tdevice-link-icon
coolerBQ Aquaris M10 HDdevice-link-icon
cosmo_communicatorPlanet Computers Cosmo Communicatordevice-link-icon
curtanaXiaomi Redmi Note 9Sdevice-link-icon
debGoogle Nexus 7 2013 LTEdevice-link-icon
dipperXiaomi Mi 8device-link-icon
doraSony Xperia X Performance (F8131 & F8132)device-link-icon
enchiladaOnePlus 6 and 6Tdevice-link-icon
excaliburXiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Maxdevice-link-icon
floNexus 7 2013 WiFidevice-link-icon
friezaBQ Aquaris M10 FHDdevice-link-icon
garlicYu Yureka Blackdevice-link-icon
gramXiaomi Poco M2 Prodevice-link-icon
h815LG G4device-link-icon
h870LG G6 (International h870) device-link-icon
h918LG V20 T-Mobiledevice-link-icon
hammerheadGoogle Nexus 5device-link-icon
herolteSamsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)device-link-icon
honamiSony Xperia Z1 (C610X)device-link-icon
jasmine_sproutXiaomi Mi A2device-link-icon
joyeuseXiaomi Redmi Note 9 Prodevice-link-icon
kaguraSony Xperia XZ (F8331 & F8332)device-link-icon
karinSony Xperia Z4 Tablet (LTE or Wi-fi only) device-link-icon
kenzoXiaomi Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)device-link-icon
kirinSony Xperia 10device-link-icon
klteSamsung Galaxy S5device-link-icon
krillinBq Aquaris E4.5device-link-icon
kugoSony Xperia X Compact (F5321)device-link-icon
lancelotXiaomi Redmi 9 and 9 Primedevice-link-icon
landXiaomi Redmi 3X, 3S and 3SPdevice-link-icon
laurel_sproutXiaomi Mi A3device-link-icon
lavenderXiaomi Redmi Note 7device-link-icon
makoGoogle Nexus 4device-link-icon
marlinGoogle Pixel and Pixel XLdevice-link-icon
merlinXiaomi Redmi note 9device-link-icon
nashMotorola Z2 Forcedevice-link-icon
oncliteXiaomi Redmi 7device-link-icon
oneplus2Oneplus 2device-link-icon
oneplus3Oneplus 3 and 3Tdevice-link-icon
perseusXiaomi Mi MIX 3device-link-icon
pro1F(x)tec Pro1device-link-icon
rolexXiaomi Redmi 4Adevice-link-icon
rpiRaspberry Pidevice-link-icon
s3ve3gSamsung S3 Neo+ (GT-I9301I)device-link-icon
santoniXiaomi Redmi 4Xdevice-link-icon
sargoGoogle Pixel 3adevice-link-icon
scorpioXiaomi Mi Note 2device-link-icon
suzuSony Xperia X (F5121 & F5122)device-link-icon
taimenGoogle Pixel 2 and 2XLdevice-link-icon
tenshiBQ Aquaris U Plusdevice-link-icon
titanMoto G (2014)device-link-icon
trlteSamsung Galaxy Note 4 (910F, 910P, 910T)device-link-icon
turboMeizu Pro 5device-link-icon
vegetahdBq Aquaris E5device-link-icon
vinceXiaomi Redmi 5 Plusdevice-link-icon
violetXiaomi Redmi Note 7 Prodevice-link-icon
x86Desktop PCdevice-link-icon
yggdrasilVolla Phonedevice-link-icon
yggdrasilxVolla Phone Xdevice-link-icon
zuk_z2_plusZuk z2 Plusdevice-link-icon