Supports cellular and data State: Active


A powerful device with 8 cores, up to 6 GB of RAM, a 48MP camera. It's only waiting for you to install Ubuntu Touch on it!

Features & Usability

Automated Usability (beta)

This device currently offers minimal features, most of the smart functionalities might not work yet. It can be a very nice second device.

  • Actors:

  •  Manual brightness
  •  Notification LED
  •  Torchlight
  •  Vibration
  • Camera:

  •  Flashlight
  •  Photo
  •  Video
  •  Switching between cameras
  • Cellular:

  •  Carrier info, signal strength
  •  Data connection
  •  Dual SIM functionality
  •  Incoming, outgoing calls
  •  MMS in, out
  •  PIN unlock
  •  SMS in, out
  •  Change audio routings
  •  Voice in calls
  •  Volume control in calls
  • Endurance:

  •  24+ hours battery lifetime
  •  7+ days stability
  • GPU:

  •  Boot into UI
  •  Hardware video playback
  • Misc:

  •  Anbox patches (deprecated)
  •  AppArmor patches
  •  Battery percentage
  •  Offline charging
  •  Online charging
  •  Recovery image
  •  Reset to factory defaults
  •  RTC time
  •  SD card detection and access
  •  Shutdown / Reboot
  •  Wireless External monitor
  •  Waydroid
  • Network:

  •  Bluetooth
  •  Flight mode
  •  FM radio
  •   Hotspot
  •  WiFi
  • Sensors:

  •  Automatic brightness
  •  Fingerprint reader
  •  GPS
  •  Proximity
  •  Rotation
  •  Touchscreen
  • Sound:

  •  Earphones
  •  Loudspeaker
  •  Microphone
  •  Volume control
  • USB:

  •  MTP access
  •  ADB access

Confirmed, depending on the maintenance

Not Working

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Working to some extent but with issues

Global Issue

Issue is not specific to this device


Subject to port development

Release channels

This device gets updates through these channels, learn more about OTA updates

Ubuntu Release
Release Date
Xenialdevel2022-09-2828-09-2022Daily built development releases
Xenialrc2022-W30/228-07-2022Testing before the next stable release
XenialstableOTA-2317-06-2022Stability over newer features (recommended)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro


CPUOcta-core 64-bit
ChipsetQualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675
GPUQualcomm Adreno 612
Android VersionAndroid 9.0
Battery4000 mAh
Display2340x1080 pixels, 6.3 in
Rear Camera48MP
Front Camera13MP
Dimensions159.21 mm x 75.21 mm x 8.1 mm
Weight186 g

The phone was released in early 2019, and was especially targeted to the Indian and Chinese market. It is, however, possible to get it delivered to other countries.

Hardware remarks

  • The vibrations on this phone are rough: they can be OK for alarms and gaming, but for haptic feedback it's likely you'll want to turn them off.
  • The microphone build is of a rather low quality: the porter has done its best to tune the parameters and reduce the amount of noise, but there's still a residual. If you are looking for high quality audio recording, this phone might not be for you.
  • There's a FM radio chip in the phone, and efforts are ongoing to have it working in Ubuntu Touch