Meizu Pro 5 (turbo)

About the Meizu Pro 5 with Ubuntu Touch

Pursuit of the ultimate perfection

On the top-end of the price-range of the previously available Ubuntu Touch devices, the Meizu Pro 5 combines an elegant operating system with the hardware it deserves to run on.

Note: Meizu Pro 5 devices that are sold with Android have a locked bootloader, so installing UBports' version of Ubuntu Touch is only possible on devices that come with Ubuntu in the first place.

Install Ubuntu Touch on the Meizu Pro 5
With the UBports Installer, you can get Ubuntu Touch on your Meizu Pro 5 without breaking a sweat. You can use any Linux, Windows, or macOS computer to run the installer. Simply plug in your device and follow the on-screen instructions, then sit back and let the computer do all the work for you. Alternatively, you can follow the manual installation instructions.
ChannelRelease Date
16.04/develFeb 20 2020
16.04/edgeFeb 20 2020
16.04/rcFeb 19 2020
16.04/stableOct 23 2019
Buy a Meizu Pro 5
You might be able to find new second-hand devices on swappa, ebay, or other websites. Shop at at your own risk!