Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)


Overall progress

Early Development

What works

  • Actors:

  •  Manual brightness
  •  Notification LED
  •  Torchlight
  •  Vibration
  • Camera:

  •  Flashlight
  •  Photo
  •  Video
  •  Switching between cameras
  • Cellular:

  •  Carrier info, signal strength
  •  Data connection
  •  Dual SIM functionality
  •  Incoming, outgoing calls
  •  MMS in, out
  •  PIN unlock
  •  SMS in, out
  •  Change audio routings
  •  Voice in calls
  •  Volume control in calls
  • Endurance:

  •  Battery lifetime > 24h from 100%
  •  No reboot needed for 1 week
  • GPU:

  •  Boot into UI
  •  Hardware video playback
  • Misc:

  •  Anbox patches
  •  AppArmor patches
  •  Battery percentage
  •  Offline charging
  •  Online charging
  •  Recovery image
  •  Reset to factory defaults
  •  RTC time
  •  SD card detection and access
  •  Shutdown / Reboot
  •  Wireless charging
  •  Wireless External monitor
  • Network:

  •  Bluetooth
  •  Flight mode
  •  Hotspot
  •  NFC
  •  WiFi
  • Sensors:

  •  Automatic brightness
  •  Fingerprint reader
  •  GPS
  •  Proximity
  •  Rotation
  •  Touchscreen
  • Sound:

  •  Earphones
  •  Loudspeaker
  •  Microphone
  •  Volume control
  • USB:

  •  MTP access
  •  ADB access
  •  Wired External monitor

 Working  Partial  Not working  Untested

A link to issue report is available when a feature isn't fully working

Some issues might not depend on the device, these are marked as global

Device specifications

CPUHexa-core 64-bit
ChipsetQualcomm MSM8956 Snapdragon 650
GPUQualcomm Adreno 510
Android VersionAndroid 6.0.1
Battery4000 mAh
Display1080x1920 pixels, 5.5 in
Rear Camera16 MP
Front Camera5 MP

Known limitations


A script to auto enable wifi is included with the build but need to be given executable permission Reboot to recovery and connect to pc via adb

adb shell
mkdir /b
mount /data/system.img /b
chmod +x /b/halium/etc/rc.local
umount /b

oFono and sensors

Trying to find a solution to fix these two.

Bluetooth patch

Is in progress will update once complete.

More Details on Fixes

Can be found here


The port is not ready to use the installer, yet :)

Fetch files and tools

Download and install the following tools:

Download the following files:

Unlock OEM installation

In Android activate developper mode and use MI unlock tool to do an oem unlock (skip this step if you are on a custom rom)

If this step is not done you willnot be able to flash hlium-boot.

Install TWRP or Orange fox recovery

Install the TWRP recovery as instructed in its documentation. or install Orange fox recovery fromhere

Reboot to recovery and format data

  1. From the computer enter adb reboot recovery.
  2. On your phone go to wipe->Format Data then enter yes as instructed.
  3. From the PC Flash system.img using the halium-install script ./halium-install -p ut ubuntu-touch-hybris-xenial-arm64-rootfs.tar.gz system.img.
  4. Flash halium-boot from pc using fastboot fastboot flash boot halium-boot.img.
  5. Wait, after the reboot, you should have Ubuntu Touch Running on your Kenzo :-)

This device hasn’t been added to the UBports Installer yet.

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