Dear Ubuntu Contributors

The entire UBports community relies on these pages. Unfortunately, the correlation between porter’s work and the software capability list is a manual process. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could help improve this website. Newcomers will benefit from your work!

Due to the natural characteristics of open source, information tends to be spread across and wide range of resources, and it can be a challenge to track everything down.

We encourage porters to bring everything together in one place and to keep the most relevant links for their devices up-to-date.

The list of properties that a device page can present may vary over time. However, the porters provide the mandatory information to establish a page with at least the essential info.

How can you help?

We noticed Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro page has few missing properties from the last report

  • description is missing
  • price is missing
  • subforum is missing
  • communityHelp is missing

Use these guidelines to fill the missing parts

Device description | Contributors | Meta Data | Device Info (Specifications)