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Features & Usability

Pro Tip

Use Gitlab to subscribe to the linked Issues. So, whenever bugs get solved (or a fix needs testing) you will know about that.

Core Connectivity State: Abandoned

This is an aggregated rating of the device from the support status indicators . Supported devices are the most stable and up to date devices to choose from.

Q: What does this port need to get better?

A: Complete the following features:

  • - Camera: Photo
  • - Camera: Video
  • - Network: WiFi
  • - Sound: Earphones
  • - Sound: Loudspeaker

Automated Usability (beta)

The device has basic data capabilities and can connect to mobile networks (as applicable), but currently offers minimal features, and some of the smart functionalities might not work yet. It can be a very nice second device.

Community strength (beta)

  • Endurance:

  • 24+ hours battery lifetime
  • 7+ days stability
  • GPU:

  • Boot into UI
  • Hardware video playback

Confirmed, depending on the maintenance

Not Working

If there is a link here, follow it to learn more' '


Working to some extent but with issues

Global Issue

Issue is not specific to this device


Subject to port development

Global issues

The issues listed below are present in most or all of the devices depending on the technology they are built on.

  • HotspotBugtracker

    Activation and deactivation of wifi hotspot may be inconsistent with the user interface.

    All devices on Xenial

  • Incoming, outgoing callsBugtracker

    Calling over VoLTE is not supported, please check that this is not a requirement in your country.

    Halium and Legacy ports

  • GPSBugtracker

    Devices may take longer than usual to get the first GPS fix because of missing Assisted GPS support.

    All devices

Unsupported features

The device hardware does not support these features, if you need them, please consider a different device.

  • Notification LED
  • Dual SIM functionality
  • Wireless charging
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Double touch to wake

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)


CPU Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
Chipset Samsung Exynos 3 Quad 3475
GPU Mali-T720
Memory 1 GB
Storage 8 GB
Android Version Android 5, officially upgradeable to 6
Battery 2050 mAh, replaceable
Display 4.5", 800x480
Rear Camera 5 MP
Front Camera 2 MP
Architecture ARM
Dimensions 5.22" x 2.73" x 0.35"
Weight 4.62 oz
Release date Febuary 1st, 2016


Thank you to the following contributors who worked on the unofficial LineageOS version this Ubuntu Touch port is based off of:

@lzzy12, @TBM 13, @bengris32, @imranpopz, @cıyanogen, @deadman96385, @FieryFlames

Thanks also to everyone who has contributions on Exynos3475 Nougat.

Special thanks to @ananjaser1211, @Stricted, @danwood76 and all of the 5433/7580 AOSP developers/contributors.

You must include this contributor list in any projects created from these sources.

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Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)

Did the maintainer say that feature ‘works’ but you know from doing it that it really doesn’t?

Start by searching the device issue , if you found it, hopefully the porter is on it. 'Subscribe' to the issue in case it get solved.

Couldn't find it?

Uh-oh… Well it is time to let the porter and everyone else know about the fail and send the tech magic back to the workshop for a makeover.

1. Read 'Bug Reporting' section in UBports docs on 'How to report a bug'.

2. Then (this time), head to the device repository and submit it, so the porter knows about it.

The Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)
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