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Use GitHub to subscribe to the linked Issues. So, whenever bugs get solved (or a fix needs testing) you will know about that.

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This might be a good or bad device. However we don't have enough data to determine the usability status of this device. If you know further details, please update this page.

Release channels

This device gets updates through these channels, learn more about OTA updates

Ubuntu Release Channel Version Release Date Description
Xenial stable OTA-25 4/14/2023 Stability over newer features (recommended)
Xenial rc 2023-W15/2 4/14/2023 Testing before the next stable release
Xenial devel 2023-05-11 4/14/2023 Daily built development releases
Xenial devel 2020-06-07 6/2/2020 Daily built development releases
Xenial edge 2023-05-11 11/21/2022 Here be dragons

Report an Issue for
Sony Xperia X Performance (F8131 & F8132)

Did the maintainer say that feature ‘works’ but you know from doing it that it really doesn’t?

Start by searching the device issue , if you found it, hopefully the porter is on it. 'Subscribe' to the issue in case it get solved.

Couldn't find it?

Uh-oh… Well it is time to let the porter and everyone else know about the fail and send the tech magic back to the workshop for a makeover.

1. Read 'Bug Reporting' section in UBports docs on 'How to report a bug'.

2. Then (this time), head to the device repository and submit it, so the porter knows about it.

The Sony Xperia X Performance (F8131 & F8132)
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