Find the Linux phone that suits you

The list on the left shows devices supported by Ubuntu Touch. The so-called ‘ports’ for these are maintained by the UBports community, a collective of passionate Linux phone users, who devote some of their free time, so you can enjoy Ubuntu Touch on your smartphone.

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Device performance may vary from one device to another. All mature devices have easy access to installation through the UBports installer. However, devices in an early state generally need to follow a manual installation procedure, which might be complicated. If you complete installation on yours, depending on your skills you can then assist others @UBports Welcome & Install group group

When will the device that you have be added to the list?

There are more than 24K different devices out there, which means the probability of your particular device becoming available is small. A phone is not truly a ‘desktop in your pocket’ but Ubuntu Touch uses the Ubuntu OS as its basis. Our best recommendation is that you get one of the phones highlighted on the list, so you can enjoy a real world Linux Phone experience.

Top choice devices

Devices of the following three categories are the ones most likely to satisfy your needs over an extended period.

Commercial maintainers

Companies like Volla, FXP and Fairphone offer compatible Ubuntu Phones as part of their business. Their reputation rests on preventing any major problems and taking a long view. Some devices can even be bought with Ubuntu Touch already installed!

Porters with a track record

Some porters have built a reputation for long term commitment and competence.

Ubuntu Touch Edition

If you have one of the older devices, they are solid for now. Many in our community use them but technical difficulties in updating and closed source elements which we can’t access mean that those devices are not a good choice for anyone just starting with UT. They are also getting aged now and experience hardware faults.

If you manage to grab a new generation Ubuntu Touch Edition device like the Pinephone Pro or a Volla phone, that will be supported for much longer of course.


UBports is a volunteer group, formalised as a charitable foundation. We borrow software freely provided by others and in turn we share what we create. We hope you enjoy Ubuntu Touch and we put our best efforts into it with our limited resources. Individual users are welcome to use it, as they wish. Things rarely go badly wrong but if they do, remember that we have gifted the software to you in good faith and the decision to take any risk rests on your shoulders. We cannot cover your back if any damage is caused.